Final sketchbook highlights

I felt inspired to look at creating some simple patterns. On the left I took some frequently occurring colours in nature and made a repeating pattern. I like the way these colours work together, my daughter said it looked like an ice lolly. On the right I carved a Lino stamp based on a sprig of lavender. I used a purple ink pad and stamped onto some calico. This gave me the idea of making some lavender bags from dried lavender. A sort of artwork for the senses maybe?

Looking at using minimal colour and making patterns and texture in a simplified way. Drawing a eucalyptus leaf from observation but trying not to overwork the pattern and texture. This was taken from my garden, I thought it was dead but hadn’t got around to removing it. On closer inspection it was showing new signs of life. Which then lead me to consider plants that come back from the brink or adapt to changing environments. Moving out of my sketchbook I began to think about “weeds” and plants that will grow anywhere.

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