More sketchbook ideas

Next I decided to take an even closer look at the surface structure of a leaf. I wanted to create a piece that was more abstract.

I wanted to use acrylic paint to simplify and break down the fittonia plants pattern. I enjoyed experimenting with colour and this is something I would like to do more of in future modules.

Whilst tidying the garden and carrying out some seasonal jobs I decided to utilise this hydrangea head. I like to leave the dry hydrangeas over winter as they provide the garden with some structure and added interest. I sketched the delicate lacy flower head it crumbled away in my hand as I observed it. The petals flooded the page of my sketchbook and quite organically I had the idea to stick them down to create a separate piece. If you look closely you can see their delicate skeletal veins, I like their familiar autumnal sepia colour.

A quick acrylic painting of a palm, using quick brush strokes to capture the leaves. Them a simplified linear drawing in pen of the same palm.

I then went back to pencils and sketched this prayer plant from observation. This plant was showing signs of decay. It was a case of killing by over caring. Too much water, too much moving around. Before I tried to nurse it back from the brink I drew the crunchy brown leaves that tumbled from the pot. There were signs of life however with a few majestic looking leaves displaying their distinctive feathery pattern. I used different marks to convey the textures of the plant. Sadly the plant didn’t make it, it limped on for a while before giving up.

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