Sketchbook ideas

Painting / drawing from observation “fittonia” or nerve plant.

I wanted to experiment with colour and pattern for this brief as well as pencil sketches. I began with observational work.

Line drawing of a Fiddle leaf fig.

As well as colour and pattern I have been looking at texture and lines. I kept this drawing quite simple, it took up two pages of my A3 sketchbook. I left plenty of space so the sketch could just be. I felt that adding more texture would overcomplicate it. I like to look closely at the leaf surface and see the structure of the foliage


These pages show some of my experimental ideas. I carved a mini Lino stamp based on a sketch and used an ink pad to create a pattern. On the opposite page I used different paper such as coloured tissue to create some mono prints. The tissue was delicate and prone to ripping but I like the colour. I also used a variety of pens to do some quick observational sketches of one of my favourite plants the pilea.

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