Further Inspiration

My main inspiration for this brief has been nature/plants themselves. From the structure to the colours and then the time I put into growing them and the rituals of their care. I’ve included a picture of a cactus from a trip to Spain as I will never, not stop to take a picture of plants particularly in their own environment (much to my families annoyance!).

The above pieces are both on a similar theme. Michael Landy took weeds from the street and produced a series of etchings. He talked about weeds being glimmers of hope growing and overcoming hostile conditions. I found William Arnold whilst reading an article on the Eden Project website. He is based in Cornwall and creates prints and cyanotype portraits of plants that he finds growing whilst taking a daily walk. His walk he describes as being on the outskirts of a small but rapidly expanding city. These artists got me thinking about how nature exists,quietly getting on doing it’s own thing, often without human intervention and overcoming inhospitable environments . I also keep thinking about the term weed a plant in the wrong place.

At the start of this brief I felt compelled to explore ideas around climate change and loss of environment. As I’ve got more into this brief I also recognise that their are some plants that will adapt and change to meet their needs. I went to the Greta Thunberg talk with my children and felt inspired by the younger generation and their passion for environmental change . I think that connecting with my immediate environment is something that is evident in my work. Caring and growing for plants has it’s environmental benefits but also I find it helps me to live in the moment.

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