This brief I took onboard previous feedback to look for inspiration beyond artists that worked on the same ideas I was working on. Ive been inspired by fashion magazines and their shoots incorporating plants. I like the fashion label Toast’s ethos, and commitment to sustainable, slow fashion which is something I feel goes hand in hand with my ideas around this project. Similarly I’ve been inspired by local artist Natasha Clutterbuck. She is the artist in residence for the Yeo Valley brand, at their garden in Blagdon. (Which also happens to be one of my favourite places to visit.) I like her large gestural drawings. I also like that she sources her materials locally such as willow charcoal from the mendips. The idea of using natural materials is something I am very interested in such as natural dyes and something I wish to come back to.

I looked at Ellsworth Kelly’s plant drawings after discussing some sketchbook ideas during a tutorial. It was suggested I look at his linear work. I enjoy the way he used overlapping to add depth instead of shading. I found examples of Elena Barber’s work in a magazine I was reading. I like her gestures and mark making and was interested to read she reworks and recycles work from her archive.

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