More Inspiration

What I find inspiring about these images is how they have used the outdoors as the gallery. I’m really interested in the ideas of incorporating work into the environment, I also think that by placing artwork in these environments it has made it much more accessible to the public. I also feel there is something rather beautiful at viewing artwork in pleasing settings such as gardens or woods . I think it enables you to pause for a while and feel connected with the immediate environment. Luke Jerram’s Impossible Garden is one of my favourite exhibitions. I loved the playfulness and the ideas around visual perception, which incorporated parts of the botanic garden.

For this brief I knew I wanted to explore the colours present in nature. I like the way Bridget Riley puts colours together and the way these colours react with each other. I also didn’t realise until I attended her recent exhibition at the Hayward how much of an influence nature has had on her work. Similarly I like the way Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979) played around with colour and pattern something which I am looking at through leaf structures. I also like the abstract quality of her work. I like the following quote from her “Abstract art is only important if it is the endless rhythm where the very ancient and the distant future meet”. I also used Sonia Delaunay as an inspiration as I like the way she didn’t limit her work to canvas and produced clothing and textiles.

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