Body of work part 3

I produced some mono prints using foraged flower heads from my garden. Again using acrylic instead of ink and thin Japan rice paper I was able to get some interesting results. I like the idea of using plants as part of the artwork and I think this is something I will build on.

Following on from using plants in my artwork I read about spore printing using mushrooms . I decided I would have a go to see what results could be achieved, particularly as I had no access to a press I was looking for alternative print ideas. I left the mushrooms overnight on top of some blue paper. The mushrooms left a print which reminds me a bit of a tie-dye effect. I feel that I’m not done with this idea and it is something that I will try again. I wonder how this could translate onto fabric?

I am a bit obsessed with paper folds and origami. Whilst quite early on I was looking at the idea of making a simple concertina book I was also looking at lotus fold books as a way of displaying prints. Whilst researching folds I found a Turkish map fold and began to experiment with this technique. When assembled the outside reminded me of the shape of a greenhouse, so I played around with this idea. This got me thinking how it would be an interesting way to present a packet of seeds! I printed onto the inside with a textured mono print and added some paint marks. I’m sure there’s more to this idea and I think I could develop it further.

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