Body of work part two

As this project is about my connection with nature, I really wanted to document growth in my garden. These tulips provided the perfect opportunity for some observational work. I set about recording them in a sketchbook, just simple line drawings the same day each week over a period of time before their decline. Initially I thought about making a basic concertina book to chart the changes but during a tutorial I came to the conclusion the drawings would lend themselves well to marker pen on acetate. I would then trim them to the same size and display them backlit by a light box. The sketch on the right is charcoal drawn as the tulips were past their best.

Being on lockdown has meant limited resources. But I will say I have not been short of ideas or been afraid to experiment. I had a go at some simple mono prints. I found without a press acrylic paint and very thin Japanese rice paper work well. I also experimented with thin coloured paper and making stencils and using a roller. I then cut up some of the prints and used them as part of a line drawing. I like the subtle hint of the mono print. The other leaf prints I worked into with coloured pastels.

At home I was also able to carry out some low tech screen printing. I made leaf paper stencils which I originally thought I would just make into prints. Then I had the idea of creating a large A1 mixed media sprawling piece. I drew into the screen printed leaves with pencil as I didn’t want a clean look I wanted to get some texture and leaf markings. I used the leaves to create a collage then I added bits of tissue which I drew over the top with pencil and then I mono printed onto it. I liked combining the different methods and it’s something I would like to try in the studio.

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