Body of work

I decided to work on the idea of weeds and plants that can grow anywhere. I fight a constant battle with the plant pictured above. It grows in the cracks of a wall in my garden. However it does display quite pretty delicate pink flowers. I admire its ability to grow and spread all over the brick work. Inspired by the artists I talked about previously I set about making a pencil drawing. It is a work in progress I am making different marks and using tone to capture the texture of the bricks which have become worn over time.

This brief has probably taken a few twists and turns along the way as a result of lockdown. Time at home meant I had to come up with different ways of working. On a particularly sunny day I ventured outside and found a lovely patch of dandelions. I had the idea of drawing their shadow on paper using a fine line pen. It was an enjoyable morning spent and I was pleased with the drawings produced.

Following on from studying weeds I read an article about a recent exhibition at RHS garden Wisley. They were imagining houseplants taking over an abandoned Victorian house. The article described innovative ways of planting and I was fascinated by the idea of plants growing out of sinks, beds and chairs. I attempted to draw a chair from one of their planting ideas. It is a pencil drawing and I experimented with different marks and how hard I pressed with the pencil. I like some of the delicate pencil lines created.

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