I have enjoyed the print technical workshops that have run alongside this brief. It was exciting to have a go at lithography and try the process, it is something I would like to try more of in the future. I also enjoyed copper etching and the actual process of preparing the plate and etching into it. I tried different marks and lines. Again this is something I would like to do more of in future projects. I also attended a screen printing workshop. I really like the possibilities of screen printing particularly onto fabric. I also like the bright vibrant inks that I can use to produce prints.

The above prints are from the workshop run by artist Meg Buick. This was a really enjoyable workshop which was fast paced, resulting in much work. I did produce further prints but I didn’t take a picture at the time and then they were left in the studio as we went into lockdown. I had never thought about working back into prints so this was an exciting process to learn from Meg. She encouraged us to make different marks and use colour as well as going big with the prints. I really like what can be achieved by monotype, this is a process I expect to revisit.

The collagraph prints above are from a workshop run by printmaker Katherine Jones. Katherine showed us examples of her work, some very large scale pieces which were quite inspiring. I picked up some good ideas for making a collagraph plate which were new to me and less time consuming than my previous foray into collagraph. Katherine also showed us chine-collé which was a process I had been wanting to try for a while. The print results were pleasing and I am excited by this process. I would like to make larger prints next time.

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