Finding my individual creative identity.

I will admit to at first feeling overwhelmed by the thought of trying to locate my personal creative voice. However I decided to trust in the process, keep making/creating and I knew that the pieces would fall into place. I tried reflecting on the feedback from my previous module to try and gain some inspiration. I’ve found it really hard to motivate myself to create at times. I get most of inspiration from going out, trips to museums and galleries, the cinema, of course this is so much harder to do under the current climate. I began to make art that was just a way of getting my thoughts out there and then I read a Q&A with one of my favourite artists and this quote jumped out at me.

I like a good quote, I don’t intentionally set out to find one at the start of a new brief. They seem to find me! Babak Ganjei. He makes typography screen prints. This quote interested me, as I feel this body of work and ideas is a reflection of contemporary society and the current times we live in.

It was then I realised that I wanted to make work about the time we are living in, or if you like the current situation we are currently living through.

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