Ideas/WIP continued

The Government keep referring to the phrase “Level Up”. I really dislike it as it just highlights the massive inequalities in the UK. Also I’m not sure anyone has actually clarified what it actually means. I think this phrase is odd, for me I think of kids playing Super Mario or some other computer game. I want to take this phrase and create a letterpress print with it.
I was thinking about making some collages to print on top of. The idea of level up and computer games kept coming back to me. This led me on to the idea of creating a pixelated collage image of Boris Johnsons face. It took me a while and it took ages to dry. Upon completion I have to admit I absolutely hate it. So this idea is shelved.
This is also a very early rough idea taking the up part of the phrase and breaking it down. I want the u and P to look like they are moving up. I see this as a brightly coloured screen print. I also like the idea of making the lettering more abstract and eventually turning them into just shapes.

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