Ideas/WIP The COVID informed era

I initially thought this body of work would be based on my response to COVID. However after a Tutorial discussion I realised that this was not what I wanted to dominate my work . That being said, it is still present and it has dominated and continues to dominate everyday life. One thing that you can not fail to notice is the abundance of single use face masks littering public spaces.

I took this photo on a walk in central Bristol. I thought it might form a drawing. Then I was reading a copy of British Vogue and saw an interesting advertorial for Fashion house Dior.
The models are placed in an Autumn setting, leaves around the floor, something is missing I thought. I had the idea for this piece very early on in this body of work. I was still experimenting and trying to figure out what I wanted to say, what medium I wanted to use. I wanted to draw over the top of my picture, placing the models around the discarded face mask. I then pasted the Dior text on the top, making the drawing the focus of the work rather than the text. Pretty soon after I realised this was not where I saw my work going. I discarded this idea and began to move forward with other ideas.

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