After an initial tutorial to consolidate my ideas, I felt interested in political propaganda/information and misinformation. To explore my ideas further I’m interested in text and imagery. I feel as well as looking at the dark side of politics I also need to look at the good (or I may fall into a spiral of despair and apathy. )Although presently I think these ideas may come from society and communities.

Sketchbook ideas around the term circuit break. Interpreting the phrase literally. I got a bit obsessed with finding electrical diagrams and drawing them . I was also printing shapes and playing around with shape and colour to examine the tier system that the government had come up with. I think I will come back to the circuit break idea. I have made a screen print of triangles which I want to either draw symbols over the top or print.
This idea was formed whilst i was following Andy Burnham’s (mayor of Greater Manchester) fight for financial support for Greater Manchester, as they went into tighter restrictions. Manchester is one of my favourite cities so I was interested in what was happening and also how this would effect other regions. I was also listening obsessively to an album which had just come out by Working Men’s club, which draws inspiration from the Manchester music scene, not just the music but the album artwork.
Artwork from recent releases by Working Mens Club. A nod to the artwork of factory records.

These artworks reminded me of the iconic factory records artwork and specifically logo. I also kept going back to the Conservatives “Northern Powerhouse” proposal/phrase. I played around with an idea inspired by Peter Saville’s factory records artwork, synonymous with Manchester and recalling back to its industrial heritage . I placed in sound bites from Andy Burnham which were being reported in the press. I tried out different ideas and quotes that fitted what I wanted to say.

I love these ideas and I really want to explore them further.

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