WIP / Ideas Positivity

This is one news story I really wanted to make some work about. Marcus Rashford football hero to many (even the West Ham supporters in my house) and his campaign work highlighting child poverty. His campaign work has really struck a chord with me due to a past life working for Sure Start and the NHS. ( Now you can see why I’m interested in making politically motivated art!).

This is a mock up for a piece I want to make with letterpress. I’m booked in for a printing session imminently. The quote is from an interview Rashford gave to British vogue.
The downside to trying to raise awareness of issues is negative comments such as the one above. Rashford received some online abuse for his charity work, the above quote he posted on his social media. I have the idea of creating a screen print of a photo I have taken of a plate and cutlery. I want to place the quote/text on the top. The cutlery I positioned at the top as my youngest daughter is left handed and this is how we set out the cutlery at meal times. I’ve had an online consultation about screen printing this piece, I’ve had some excellent advice. I now need to work on it through InDesign. The digital team at Bower Ashton have been super helpful emailing me advice and online tutorials to help with this.

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