WIP/ The Trump Administration

With the US election dominating the news I turned my attention to the quotes of Trump. Lets be honest there are an absolute wealth of phrases to work with from him. I think that he has torn up the rule book on what people feel they can say and get away with. Whether this is on the political/mainstream media front or just in everyday situations . The above is taken from an election rally. His quotes are often just bizarre ramblings. This piece is based on a quote where he talked about a proposed Democrat policy on housing. I’ve used collage and marker pen to represent windows and blinds/curtains.
This is another piece potentially ready for some text/letter press. It’s a collage of newspaper the distinct peach of the Financial Times . To be honest I’m not entirely sold on the collage, so I may abandon the idea.
I also took a photo of some Monopoly money from my daughter’s monopoly set. I then tried to bring it together a bit more using gesso mixed with magenta. I have a Trump quote about banks to print over the top.
This is something I’m currently working on. Based upon a now famous Trump tweet. To This is a collage of Monopoly money worked into with pastel and paint. It’s based upon his inability to accept defeat and the comparison to a child loosing a game. I’ve represented some games here , the dots represent connect four, but they also remind me of that halftone effect used in posters.

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