Studio File/Influences Continued.

Babak Ganjei UK based artist.

I can’t find a date of birth for Ganjei, but I’ve used my detective skills and I have deduced he was born around 1980 in London.

Ganjei is one of my favourite contemporary artists and I could write loads about him.

Ganjei is known for his typography screen prints that often comment on popular culture, politics and society.

I have seen his work a few times as he regularly exhibits at End of the Road Festival, in Dorset. His work was exhibited in the woods area of the festival, you just happen to stumble across it (which is how you discover all the best things at End of the Road). One year his work was placed as placards as if it were protesting at its own demonstration. I found this an interesting way to exhibit work as it stays very true to the spirit of a music festival. Just writing this is making me feel nostalgic for End of the Road.

End of the Road 2018. Babak Ganjei artwork on display in the woods.
End of the Road 2019. Babak Ganjei’s work looking spectacular at night by the Ferris wheel.

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