Other notable influences.

Tiny Pricks project.

I read about a public art protest group based in the US that collected the phrases and “Priceless Utterances” of Donald Trump and turned them into stitched based works of art.

Founder Diana Weymar wanted to create a record of Trump’s statements.

It grew into a huge community project that has since been exhibited in public in New York and Portland (of course!).

Art work submitted by a member of the Tiny Pricks community, name in bottom right.


Sadly I only managed to attend two exhibitions during this block of work. I’ve tried looking at online exhibitions but its not the same. I managed to get to the RWA to see “The Death of Chatterton” painting by Henry Wallis. I enjoyed viewing the painting and learning more about poet Thomas Chatterton (He is responsible for the idea that an artist must suffer for their art). I decided Chatterton was the Pete Doherty of his day upon entering the exhibit and reading Chatterton’s bio. I was surprised towards the end of the exhibition to see a display of CDs whose artwork was influenced by the Wallis painting, among them Doherty’s band Babyshambles. Also I never realised Suede’s artwork for their album “Dog Man Star” was a take on the Wallis painting.

The RWA provided a lot of handouts for this exhibit one was a fabulous graphic novel about Thomas Chatterton. I didn’t take any photos as the atmosphere was a bit weird (first show in a while) also sometimes I like to live in the moment!

The second exhibition I managed to get to was the contemporary art showcase “Centre of Gravity” I really loved this exhibition from the participatory elements ( I had to make marks on some paper whist thinking positive affirmations) of to the work on show. I tried to get in on the letterpress activity but the slots had gone! The work below was one of my favourite pieces centre around text.

“Of Bristol “ by Philippa Lawrence. I like the idea of rearranging phrases to form new phrases.

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