Studio File/Influences.

Rachael “Ces” McCully, 1982-

Artist, born in Australia currently resides in France

I am quite new to the work of contemporary artist Ces McCully. I kept seeing this colourful text based art pop up in high end interior magazines and blogs. I was keen to find out more.

McCully’s work is minimal, she looks at balance and harmony through colour (I find this very exciting as a lover of colour). The way McCully places the text and the colour she uses I find really interesting. She is making the viewer work hard to read it.

McCully describes the text she uses as the thoughts we keep unspoken, part autobiographical part a reflection on society.

Anthony Burrill 1969-

UK based Graphic Artist and Printmaker.

Burrill is one of my favourite examples of artists producing text based work. His work is direct statement making.

Words and language are integral to his work. His visual designs are very type focused.

Burrill prints traditionally in letterpress his work has a traditional hand crafted feel. He often use primary colour and geometric shapes.

Upon doing some research on Burrill I discovered he was very much influenced by the “Do it yourself Factory Records Type thing” (ahh it all comes back to Factory Records) He also quite often discusses how he has been influenced by record sleeves. I find this a very pleasing bit of background information as I do appreciate a good vinyl sleeve. I think as someone who likes to go out to places to find inspiration for making, I have had to find references closer to home.

T-shirt produced by Burrill for “music declares emergency” charity to raise awareness about the climate emergency. I have this but in black.

One of Burrill’s most popular prints “Work Hard and Be Nice To People” was a phrase Burrill overheard whilst queing at the checkout in his local Sainsburys.

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