Studio File/ Influences

Led by Donkeys 2018-

A British anti-Brexit political campaign group.

The group began by using past tweets or quotes by pro-Brexit politicians which they say have not stood the test of time. They also produce pro European/immigration films.

Led by Donkeys started as a guerilla group plastering posters over existing adverts.

For a while the group managed to remain anonymous but after realising they would be outed, they revealed their identities in a press interview.

Crowd funding enabled them to purchase billboard space and project messages and films over places such as the Houses of Parliament and the White Cliffs of Dover. The work is then shared on various social media platforms.

Powerful use of The White Cliffs of Dover to project text visuals onto. I like the idea of projecting text onto locations.

Everything is Connected Art and Conspiracy.

Book by Douglas Eklund and Ian Alteveer. 2018.

This book was published in conjuction with an exhibition at the New York Met on mistrust in the US Government from the late 1960s to the modern day.

The book features 70 artworks by30 artists, covering hidden power, mistrust and conspiracy.

There are two parts to this book work about uncovering deceit, stories of the rise of black power, violence against minorities.

Then the second part is about the fantastical side of conspiracy theories.

I’m not really interested in conspiracy theories but I like what Eklund says about the work in this book. “These artists render things visually in a way journalism can’t”

Work by Emory Douglas in 1974.

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