Ideas and Concepts part 2.

Now I have made the letterpress poster how can I develop my ideas ? As already mentioned in my previous post I would love to put my poster on a billboard. I found a website where you can purchase advertising space in Bristol. It has a photo of a billboard in an unknown location so you can mock up your idea before you buy. So using Photoshop I did a mock up of my poster on a billboard.

Ideally I would like it to be one poster not three, but playing around on Photoshop, the lettering did not look good stretched out. However I quite like the mock up above. I would love to see the print on an actual billboard I think it would work well.

I have made some stickers by scanning the original letterpress print into my computer and printing them on sticker paper. Every time I walk through town I see lots of stickers on lampposts. I can neither confirm nor deny whether “Kindness is Power” will be hitting the streets of Bristol soon. Having said that stickers are a good way of getting art out there on the cheap and seem a popular seller with artists and illustrators, especially at the last few art markets I’ve been to.

I could take this idea further and create iron on patches and enamel badges using the idea of my original print.

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