Ideas and Concepts part 3

You’ve read the blog now buy the t-shirt, except first I have to print it. I am a big fan of type /text on a t-shirt. A tutorial made me come to the realisation that I would like to do some textile printing and print “Kindness is Power” based on my letterpress print onto a white t-shirt in a nice bright ink. I swiftly arranged an online consultation to discuss my ideas and how I could achieve the print. First of all I need to work on my print using InDesign, I need to make it no bigger than A4 because I want it to be printed on the front of the t-shirt. I would then need to take it down to Bower to print on to the transparency film ready for screen printing . I can print 10 t-shirts, and the better the quality of the t-shirt the better the print. This was such a good consultation and I’m really excited to give textile printing a go. I have done a Photoshop mock up of how I envisage the design,

I have also experimented with blowing up my letterpress print on my printer. I’ve played around with sizing and zooming in on parts of the print, enlarging it changing the gradient. The work became really abstract and illegible, I was left with just shapes. I printed them out and placed several A4 pieces together on the wall to form one large work.

After leaving them up on the wall for a bit I decided to turn them into mini zines.

I also made a zine from A2 paper and cut out shapes from my abstract printer experiment.

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