Initial ideas

I want to move my ideas forward so I’m not just coming up with another piece of text art. I am still really interested in developing my ideas around type and letterpress, maybe cutting up letters rearranging them exploring placement. I also want to look at shapes in text and explore colour. I feel colour goes hand in hand with play!

For some inspiration I took my sketchbook to the park with my daughter on a really fresh and windy morning. I looked for colour and shape in the play equipment and drew some quick sketches of her playing. I know this isn’t text but I wanted to start off drawing as a way into the project and get some ideas going. My daughter was quite interested in what I was doing and was quickly pointing out shapes and patterns in the equipment. Sketching my daughter reminded me of observations I would carry out on the children I worked with to track their play. There was a type of tracking observation I would carry out that would literally be just lines!

Quick sketch of what can only be described as an updated version of the seesaw. Some interesting shapes in this sketch which I can use to create text.
Using the sketch above to find simple shapes to form text
Sketch of playing on large swing, it was very windy! Again I found this a useful exercise to pick out some basic shapes.
Basic letter formation picked out from above picture. Using colours associated with playground equipment.
Looking for interesting shapes that could form letters
More interesting shapes to explore
I also played (see adults can play too) around with some coloured paper tape. Creating the lines from the equipment pictured above the orange spring photo. I can see some basic letter formation taking place.

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