Geometric Type

I normally like to place my inspiration together, towards the end of that particular block of work. However I have to write about this type now as it’s been a massive influence . I discovered a great publication by the International Designers Network (IDN) on typeface. The IDN was established over 25 years ago to promote designers and the importance of establishing good communication within the industry. They publish their magazine regularly with an emphasis on sharing different design practice.

The typeface issue has been a big source of inspiration. As well as being a good visual reference, it is packed full of information about type design. There is one typeface that I have developed a love for called “GT Eesti” described as a “free spirited interpretation” of the Soviet geometric sans serif. There is a website dedicated to telling the story of this playful type, “” It details its origins in 1940 Soviet Russia and its “rebirth” in Switzerland in 2016 thanks to graphic designer Urs Lehni and his students. Lehni brought some Estonian children’s books to the attention of his students and they were hooked on the typeface.

Taking inspiration from “GT Eesti” and its rediscovery in some children’s books I played around with geometric shapes. I used bright colours, collaging them adding patterns and then blowing them up using my scanner. I feel the story behind the rebirth of this type fits in nicely with my theme of promoting the act of playing. I like the beech wooden toy set created for the release of the type. I’m really enjoying breaking down letter formation into geometric shapes.

Playful letter formation, exploring colour and pattern. Taken from the letters in the word play. The circles were used to form the letter L.
I blew up the original collage above this picture on my scanner. I then cut up the shapes and placed them on blue paper. I like the idea of the text becoming the image.

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