Text as the image.

I have been researching the term that describes words which look like the object/action they are describing eg bed. I was sure there must be a term. Words that sound like their meaning have a term “onomatopoeia”. The closest I can find is iconicity. I got lost down a lexicon/linguistic rabbit hole. I’m interested in trying to make the word play visually appear like it is playing. I see this idea working visually well on a poster or as a mural.

Rough sketchbook ideas. Trying to represent the word play as if it were playing on a slide. I see this as part of a call to arms an encouragement to play. I think I prefer the idea with the text on its own but I needed to draw in the slide to give me an idea of placement for the the text.
I decided to have a go with this idea using photoshop. During this lockdown I have set myself the task of trying to improve my photoshop skills. I used a photo that I took in the park and layered it with text. I have more photoshop ideas using my work which I am really excited to experiment with.
This is the image using photoshop with the photo layer hiden. Which again I think I prefer, but I needed the slide to figure out how I wanted the letters to look. I am definitely interested in mixing my analogue work with photoshop.

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