Elaborating on geometric type.

I’ve been experimenting further with geometric type ideas and really breaking text down into its simplest shapes. Here are some ideas I am really excited by.

I have broken down the formation of the letter P for play. I cut out a rectangle shape which represents the stick of the P, from soft cut Lino. I then used vibrant ink pads to layer up the shape, printing on to coloured paper. I am really interested at trying to find some coloured paper for letterpress printing.
I introduced a third layer of colour as I do like to work in sets of three. I am a bit quirky in that I like things in threes, also from a design point of view I think it looks good. I also wanted to give the piece some movement to represent the physicality of play. I am going to come back to this piece later as I have an idea to develop it further.
Playing with shapes and patterns, breaking down letter formation. For this experiment I was looking at colours and using coloured paper,cutting up bits of prints and repurposing them. I am finding that collage is becoming a useful way for me to visualise ideas for print. I am also realising that I actually enjoy the process of collage.
I used an old screen print to cut up shapes which represent the word play in a very simple way. Again feeling very inspired by geometric type. This is something I will come back to using photoshop.
Using the same shapes but changing the background. I like the pop of pink with the black marks.
This is the curve formation of the letter P. Without the open counter. (Technical typography talk !) I like the geometric modernist feel.

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