I think I have found a process that I love and I want to develop. I feel it is totally suited to my love of text/type. I spent some time coming up with my own positive phrase/invitation to play “Add more play” to print with letterpress. I also decided I wanted to print on some A2 coloured paper so I took a rainbow assortment of colours with me to print large posters onto.

Setting the type. I’m documenting this more for myself as a reminder of spacing and filling the gaps with furniture.
My choice of wooden type.
Inking up the wooden type. I played around with colour and colour placement. I don’t want to use black ink, as I’m really interested in colour and how this can impact on the text.
The final outcome. I placed the posters on the studio floor to get a good shot of them. I really like the coloured text on the coloured paper. I think moving forward this is something I want to do more of.

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